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1. How to place an order?

It is easy to place an order. 

(1) Explore our online product catalogue to find your favorite pictures and submit the order by using our shopping cart. 

 (If there is no one fit for your need, please send your pictures to us.)

Sending message to us or email us with the item no, size,quantity and quality level you expected for quotation.
(2) We will reply you as soon as we get your inquiry.
An quotation will be sent out to you by email with all the information as you requested.

(3) You can also use the search function we provide to search the paintings you like,which is on the top left of the webpage.

2. How can I get your quotation?

We offer good quality oil paintings with attractive prices.Please select your favorites from our website and email to us,

or you can send us your own designs and requirments to us,then you will receive our accurate quotation immediately.

3. Do you have quantity limit?

There is no limitation on minimum order value.

4. Do you offer other paintings not displayed on your website ?

Sure,you can send your preferred pictures by email to us,we can do oil painting from any of your photograph as well.

5. What is the quality of your Oil Paintings?

Do your oil painting reproductions have a wonderful quality.Yes,it is difficult to define art quality level because it is a creation

work by mind.The quality standard we pursue is to keep nearly the same as the original picture at any details such as style,

the depth of color,brush-stroke and texture.No machines or canvas-transfer techniques are used.


Our trained artists start with a blank canvas and the hand-paint the painting from start to finish using only the most suitable

oil paints and linen canvas.That is why they can be well collected for several decades without any color fading.


Meanwhile, all of our artists are well educated through the professional art academy and most of them have more than 10 years

artist career.The most important,we have independent Inspection Department,which have a team of 10 master teachers who

control the quality for each painting before shipment.Our company experience have strongly proofed that our products have enjoyed 

a well quality reputation in the painting markets.

6. What is your payment term? How many terms of payment do you accept?

We charge 50% of the total amount as a deposit before production,and after finishing paintings,we will send you the digital

photos of finished paintings for your confirmation,if you are satisfied with them, then the rest 50% will be charged.You could

choice the following payment options:Bank Transfer,Western Union,PayPal,etc.

7. What is the packing method you used?

(1) If the ordered quantity is small,paintings would be rolled up and safely packed with thin plastic layers and then put into a

hard tube,then be shipped via airway.

(2) If the paintings are framed and or stretched,the four corners will be packed with hardpaper protector;The framed or

stretched paintings will be put into standard export cartons or wooden boxes;All the necessary accessories will be ready,

such as Serrated hooks,Bubble bags,Decciccant,etc.And then be shpped via ocean shipping.

8. How about the delivery time?

Normally,it takes between 10 to 25 workdays,depends on the quantities and quality of your orders.After receiving your final

order confirmation and the prepayment,we will start the production.We'll keep you informed for any progress of your order and

notice you before shipment.Usually,it takes 3-5 days to arrive in your house by DHL,UPS,FedEx and TNT Express channel,

10-15 days by air freight and 20-30 days by sea shipping.

9. How many shipment methods do you have?How much the freight will be?

You could select the delivery methods from various couriers of UPS,DHL,FedEx,TNT,Air freight and sea freight.Because the

shipping charges depend on two sections,one is delivery ways,another one is the weight and the measurement of your ordered

goods.Regarding the exact delivery charges,we should be knowing which delivery way you wanted and the exact weight and

measurement of the goods you ordered.Then we will quote you the original price after getting the latest information from the

shipping service.

10. What's your Quality specification?

We have four kinds of quality levels:

(1) Museum(Top) quality

(2) High quality

(3) Medium quality

(4) Commercial quality

Top(museum) quality is the best of the 3 categories.The styling,color tones and detail will be more accurate than High quality.

High quality is a good middle quality.The paintings will have good styling, and the color tones and detail will be more accurate

than Economical quality,but not be as sharp and precise as the Top(museum) quality.We are confident that you will be satisfied 

with our paintings and will find that the quality matches the price we charge.

11. What's our terms and conditions?

(1) Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important for us.We fully respect your rights to privacy and use the following strict guide lines to protect it.

(2) Privacy guidelines

We will never sale,rent or transfer your details to any third party.Although you could just submit limited information to us,the necessary information should be advising us in order to fulfill your order and provide service.

12. What is your return policy?

(1) If any of the delivered articles would be showed the problems of material defects,transport damage or delivery wrong articles,please kindly inform us within 48 hours after you have received the goods, we will immediately exchange or refund all goods after confirming.
We will try our best to exchange the new goods to you first and if we could meet it,we will be fully reimbursed to you.

(2) We refund for any unsatisfactory quality if goods was sent back in 48 hours after receiving it with customer's own shipping cost.

(3) For our regular buyers,we provide free replacement,free improvement,or credits for any unsatisfactory quality or product damage.